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  • London Blooms


  • Website Re-design
  • Website Development
  • SEO Integration


  • 12 Pages Minimum
  • eCommerce subscription payment function
  • Auto Address Input at checkout
  • Checkout availble to select geographic locations only
  • WordPress build with SEO integration


  • E-Commerce site

Project Info


London Blooms is a family run flower business operating for over 40 years. They provide a flower subscription service which delivers seasonal flower boxes directly to customers.

The challenge was to re-design and develop an entirely new eCommerce subscription based website, as their previous version was outdated with poor optimisation issues.

Previous version was running on a WIX backbone which posed many issues, such as, slow page-loading speeds, no optimisation for SEO and included very little page content. The website was practically invisible to the World Wide Web, and all whilst continuing to loose money in website maintenance and service charge fees. Not an ideal position for anyone to be in, frankly.


This is where came in. We offered them a robust package which, included a new eCommerce website running on a solidly proven WordPress backbone and the powerful Divi Theme incorporated.

A minimum of 12 pages was to be constructed with Auto Address Input via postcode functionality and payment checkout procedure limited to certain UK geographic locations only.

WooCommerce integration was key as this enabled the site to accept a subscription based payment function to allow fortnightly recurring payments.

SEO integration would enhance search engine visibility over time, helping to maximise slae conversion rates.

Divi WordPress Theme

Website Development

Bright, Colourful with Rich Media Content!

The client desired a colourful and vibrant website with rich media content from photos to videos. We delivered on all fronts, from blogs tutorials to photo/video galleries including social media integration like YouTube. Inclusion of contact forms and FAQ section help to enrich visitor experience and overall website functionality.

Website Development

The End Result was A Success!

The new London Blooms website and the required functionalities all came together seamlessly. Visitor traffic increased dramatically and conversions began to materialise. New customers were now able to purchase a fortnightly subscription service with easy that met the required geographic delivery locations or rejected if they fell outside of the required delivery locations. To date, the client continues to enjoy a healthy online business generating profits and continued growth.

Divi WordPress Theme

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