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Project Info


ROKA SPRAY is an existing business specialising in bespoke kitchen and other joinery work. The client wanted to exploit their paint spraying resources to enter a new market, but wanted to achieve this via online marketing. The business already had a basic website in place, prior to approaching for marketing services.

The founder of the business was shrewd enough to not spend thousands on a marketing campaign without testing the market


Our marketing team swiftly got down to business and outlined a strategic plan to enable traffic to be directed to the website, all whilst allowing the team to accurately monitor all marketing results to the client.

To achieve this, necessary configurations were required to the backend of the website, allowing it to fully integrate with Google Analytics for reporting purposes. This method would help to assess convertibility of the client’ existing furniture paint spraying website.

Paid traffic was opted to attract middle of the funnel prospects via the Google Ads channel.

Competitor research was carried out to decide on Ad copy and keywords to be targeted.

Lastly, a live-chat integration was decided to help improve conversions and overall visitor experience.


Business Conversion by Telephone

Ad Spend in £


Business Conversion by Email & Live-Chat

Revenue Generated in £

Marketing Campaign

Outcome Beyond Expectations

ROKA SPRAY converted 70% of leads by telephone, 30% by email and live-chat enquiries.

Despite the hugely conservative reporting estimates to date £900 Ad spend had generated at the very least £9,000 in revenue. The gross margin on the product/service was approx 80%.

In addition, thousands of £’s of core joinery business was ALSO generated as follow on work from the paint spraying work. The follow on work from the clients had resulted in over £90,000 revenue from this very modest campaign having spent only £900 on Ads.

Shortly after, the marketing campaign was upscaled to include SEO as a core traffic generating channel.

Result of the marketing campaign was simply stated by the client as “outcome beyond expectations“. We totaly agree!

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